Stray Animal Water Bowl


Stray Animal Water Bowl



Man Drinking From Water Bowl   11 6 2022


Woman Attacking Water Bowl   9 6 2022


Woman Washing In Water Bowl   8 2 2022


Man Washing In Water Bowl   9 21 2022


Woman In Car Attempting Water Bowl Theft   7 28 2022


Man In Wheel Chair Attempting Water Bowl Theft   12 5 2022


Man In Army Shirt Attempting Water Bowl Theft   1 5 2023


Persistent Woman Attempting Water Bowl Theft   1 17 2023





On the surface some of these videos appear to be individuals engaging in self-humiliating acts.
In some peoples opinion they are considered to be material objectionable.
However, in contrast to that opinion,
To me these videos represent crimes recorded by my security system.
Some of my allegations include theft, trespassing and vandalism.
At least one incident has prompted me to file a report with local police.
While I have compassion for these people, I cannot dismiss these incidents because in the end it is our property and their acts were carried out without our consent.